Countertop Refinishing in Orlando & Tampa, FL

Countertop Refinishing in Orlando & Tampa, FL
If the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom are looking a little weathered you need to call the skilled technicians at DuraGlaze. We offer outstanding countertop restoration in Florida for many types of materials. There is no reason to replace the existing counters when they are worn, burnt, chipped, or from the Disco Era. We can refinish and revitalize those counter tops like new at a fraction of the cost. We work on granite, marble, tile and other materials to restore the beauty of your kitchen counters. Give DuraGlaze a call today to request countertop restoration in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida.

Kitchen Counter Restoration

Knife scrapes, fork scratches, chipping and other problems are all realistic issues that can occur on your kitchen counters. Our team of skilled kitchen counter refinishing experts can refinish damaged countertops of all types of materials. Don't let the unsightly flaws that your counters have accumulated lead you to spend excessive amounts of money on replacing the them, just allow our team to refinish and restore them! Our services are generally completed within a day and leave your kitchen looking bright and beautiful. Call today to learn more about kitchen counter restoration in Tampa and elsewhere in Seminole, Orange and Osceola Counties.

Bathroom Counter Restoration

Bathrooms are subject to excessive moisture due to the steam from showers and baths. This can quickly cause the tiles that make up your bathroom countertops to become discolored, loose-fitting or even cracked. At DuraGlaze our team specialize in the repair and restoration of tile finished bathroom counters. No matter what sort of damage they have attained we are positive that a thorough restoration and repair job will be much more affordable than completing a new counter installation. Give us a call today to learn more about our restoration process and to receive a free estimate about bathroom countertop repair in Orlando, Tampa and throughout Florida.

The materials that make up countertops are beautiful when new but they can certainly become damaged and faded, showing their age, as the surface is used for many different purposes. If you need counter restoration in Florida, including in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland or Lake Mary, you can count on the team at DuraGlaze to get the job done right. Give us a call today at Orlando (407) 930-9807 or Tampa (813) 517-8067 to request your free estimate for affordable countertop repair in Florida.


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