4 Reasons to Refinish a Bathtub Instead of Buy a New One

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Reasons to Refinish a Bathtub
A decades old bathtub has seen a lot of dirt and grime. This can take a sharp toll of its finish, leaving it cracked, crumbled and stained. When the damage gets to the point where it is just unbearable to look at it may be easy to assume that purchasing a new bathtub is the easy answer to fixing the problem. However, you have another choice. Bathtub refinishing and restoration is a great tactic for cleaning up the bathroom without the hassle of installing a new tub. Check out these 4 great reasons to consider a bathtub restoration versus a new installation.

Save time

If you want to install a new bathtub you have to take time out of your schedule to go search for one that will meet you needs, as the one that is currently in your bathroom does. This could involve visiting many home improvement and repair stores, scouring online ads and taking measurement after measurement. Not to mention you have to wait for delivery and installation to occur, which could take several days or more. When you conduct a bathtub restoration all you need to do is call up the crew and schedule a time for the reglazing to take place, which usually only takes a few hours!

No need to customize your bathroom

When installing a new bathtub there may be a chance that you'll have to completely remodel the area to ensure the new tub fits. This process can end up costing much more than the original cost of just the tub, leaving you with an unforeseen bill. Basically it's money that goes straight down the drain!

Get a custom finish

When you have a bathtub reglazed you can select from numerous finishes to ensure that it perfectly matches the colorful aesthetic appeal that you want. Whether you are going after a simple white attraction or retro pastel glow, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to bathtub reglazing.

Save money

Perhaps the most important factor for some people is the fact that restoring a bathtub costs much, much less than replacing it with a new one. To find out just how affordable bathtub refinishing in Orlando, Tampa or throughout Florida is get in touch with the team at DuraGlaze. Our skilled technicians can quickly restore the looks of your tub and other bathroom tiles at a fraction of the cost of replacing them! Give us a call today at (407) 930-9807 to request a free estimate from our Orlando team members or call (813) 517-8067 for superior tile and bath refinishing in Tampa.